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Our people

Ruantallain's Activity and Gourmet holidays are recent developments made possible by our excellent staff. In addition to Craig and Ant (see below), our housekeeper is Nikki. She lives nearby and can be contacted if needed during your stay.


Craig Rozga

craig in boat.jpg

Craig will be the person taking you out on the Blue Marlin. He has been our stalker and much more for 20 years. See the video on our Estate page.


In 2020 he had a new wood named after him Rozga's wood for making it happen in spite of Covid 19, supervising the planting and weeding of 90,000 trees- all native. He is an excellent naturalist and very adaptable to making your trip as you would like it.


Fran also in the photo was our cook for 15 years, recently retired but still has strong ties with the Island.

Ant Dubber

ant for web2.jpg

Ant works his magic in the kitchen and will be your chef, aided by Jolanta.


Ant, is a freelance chef with 24 years experience. He purposefully selects his contracts based on their culinary challenges and locations. Mountains, super yachts, private islands, all have varied styles of dining, where the cooking is all very different!

He started out as a baker, before branching out into restaurants, hotels and eventually being acquired as Head chef for a large pharmaceutical company. He can cook exquisite food with the very best ingredients on an unlimited budget as well as cooking halfway up a mountain on a Primus stove. 


He has cooked in many parts of the world - Pyrenees, Scotland, Africa, Russia, Italy, Pakistan, Himalayas, South Georgia, Svalbard and Norway. For many years now he has spent the winter in the Antarctic and at present is contracted to “White Desert in the Antarctic Summer” cooking for Clients from all over the world, canapes, tasting menus and simple comfort foods.

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