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Gourmet &  

During May, June and July we are running 5 night (4 day) fully catered holidays at Ruantallain with gourmet meals cooked by our experienced chef, Ant.

 This is a new departure for the Estate as we have become increasingly aware that people come to the West Coast of Scotland to enjoy its' rare wilderness and beauty. We hope to provide this experience in a comfortable but not luxurious setting  dining on the local produce cooked to international standards and being given a glimpse of what the Island has to offer. 


Ant’s desire to spend more time on the Island and his enthusiasm for joining our home team makes all this possible. If he has spare time he also tends the garden and this year spent a couple of days weeding the new plantations! In October he normally leaves us for three months in the Antarctic.

A maximum of 8 guests for Gourmet holidays(although 10 if children are included) are suggested for the 5 night holiday.